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Our sense of sound is precious. Let's optimize it.

Is your restaurant, living room, theater, office, school, or studio suffering from poor acoustics? I can provide a realistic plan, discuss predicted effects, and do the work to make the plan be. I will guide the entire process and ultimately address your problem. Please reach out and let’s improve how your space sounds and feels.

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public spaces

restaurant, office, school, gym, or theater too noisy?

Unwanted noise in our public gathering spaces compromises our experience. Instead of enjoying connections with each other, excess noise can be a stressful distraction making us want to leave and not return. Investing in acoustic treatments is an investment in the well being of the people in those spaces; customers, employees, and yourself. I can help you make your space one that people appreciate and want to return to. Aesthetically designed panels specified to absorb mid and higher range frequencies of the human voice, or perhaps noisy equipment, will likely be our primary remedy. I can also quiet noisy chairs and furniture if needed.

private spaces

echoey living room, or home audio sounds off?

The spaces where we dwell, share daily life and conversation with each other, listen to music or watch screens should nourish us. If get-togethers in your home become inaudible, or your quest for maximal emotional connection with your music has solely focused on the audio gear but not the space itself, I can help you. A likely approach would include sound absorption targeting lower and mid range frequencies of music and voice, and possibly sound diffusion structures carefully designed to fit your decor. Your treatments can be created as art prints or photographs enhancing the interior design of your home.

music recording spaces

professional musician or simply playing around in the garage?

Proper treatment of the spaces music is being made and recorded is vital. A mix of appropriately spaced absorption and diffusion ensures your musicianship attains its highest sounding potential. And the potential for aesthetic creativity in music spaces can lead to exciting and beautiful treatment products. Optimizing the entire frequency spectrum, with prioritization on lower end frequencies is the most common approach to make the best sounding music possible.

Contact me to find out what services I have that you could really use.